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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Those quiet moments........

     Weddings can be so intense and crazy..... everyone wants to make your day so special and to show their love and caring.  And sometimes it can be a bit much.  So make sure you have a photographer who can foresee the family challenges, the feeling of being overwhelmed, little bits of fear and doubt and all the things that make us human.  I have a degree in psychology and counseling experience; granted it was in a prison setting when I was doing grad school placements but wow, I learned a lot and fast.  So weddings and crazy parents and over zealous MOBs are a piece of cake compared to Bubba.

     During this wedding, I took the couple to a quiet part of the hotel with some soft lighting and asked them to tell each other what the day meant for them...... quietly and just between themselves.  I have no idea what was said but the love and the heat was there.  They will do fantastically well as a couple. Of that, I have no doubt.

And I had the privilege to photograph their wedding.


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