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Sunday, November 25, 2012



posted november 25, 2012

By: Richard Alan Brown

I have known Michele since the day she was born. I have known her parents all my life. And 11 years ago, I drove to Bozeman, Montana to celebrate and photograph her wedding to Lee Christie.
Last week, my great old poodle Maverick and I got to celebrate Thanksgiving down in Bozeman with Michele and her family and as a gift, I got to take portraits of everyone. The gift was for me.... I love being able to create great images that celebrate our lives. And most important of all, I got to finally meet Wren, their six year old daughter. What a sweet, smart and wickely funny young lady..... reminds me of her Mom. So this wedding tale is about a reunion with a friend, a client, a family. The joy of life as shown by these photographs. A true thanksgiving.


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