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Friday, January 16, 2015

Black and White...... why I love it and so do my clients.

     I started doing black and white film a long time ago..... in my late teens.  Sold my darkroom in 2014 yet still shoot it sometimes and get a friend to process it.  But nowadays, NIK software and digital Nikons produce some pretty amazing images.  Yet I think a lifetime of shooting black and white film, knowing filters, long hours in the darkroom tweaking those images.... well, it gives you an advantage in seeing what is a great black and white image.  And how to make it happen.

If you wish to see a larger version of this, email me and I will send it along and a few others. Dramatic skies, great cloud formations and the beautiful Rockies.

Or hidden in the trees beside Boundary Ranch.

Or stretching out a panoramic image.


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