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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Carmichael Girls, Banff Alberta

What can a talented professional like Malcolm Carmichael possibly do when faced with three lovely daughters full of energy, talent and attitude.... accept the offer from his friend Richard to risk life and limb to capture their beauty.  And their mother, Sharon got their hair done, clothes ready and gum removed .... and this is what I get???????

We were going to go to the Banff Springs as it was 2 degrees Celsius but the living room window had lovely soft light coming through it and was perfect.  So were the girls...... they are unique and lovely young women and it came through in their portraits.  Here they are:

I will post the goofy ones at a later date to embarrass them. And when I get the 4x5" black and white film negatives scanned, I will post those as well.


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