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Monday, April 6, 2015

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT...... APRIL PROMOTION Canmore Business & Tourism

Nice little vendor promo on Canmore Business and Tourism wedding page...... thanks.
"I work with the couple to produce images that reflect them, their lifestyle, their dreams and their love ."
1. How long has Richard Brown Photography been in operation?
I really started concentrating on wedding photography in 1991 although I had done quite a few weddings before that. It is my only job. I am a professional photographer.
2. What services do you offer?
I offer a full service of photographic options for my clients. My style is one of a classic, timeless approach with some guidance and a lot of relaxed photojournalistic-type candid images as well. I have been called humorous and whimsical in my creative approach and also put a lot of emphasis on family images on the wedding day. My clients can hire me for a full day or a shorter period of time; they can ask for some of the images to be captured on film as I still enjoy shooting film with medium and large format cameras; they can ask for help in planning the day as I know most of the local vendors and venues and can give excellent, informed advice.
3. What is the advantage of hiring an experienced wedding photographer? 
As an experienced professional, I know how to deal with the issues or problems that may pop up from the emotional strain, the intense pressure and the desire to have a perfect wedding. With that experience comes the knowledge that your back up camera gear must have back up; if the flowers have a problem, you need to know the local florists; if the cake flops, you need to know the cake people; if the weather looks like a disaster, you arrange to do a shoot the next day as well. My clients come from all over the globe for their wedding here in the Rockies and a little blizzard or monsoon shouldn't keep them from getting photographs in the mountains. As a professional and a local, I know the cool, hidden gems for backdrops. I know that the dead end street has a beautiful little view down the valley if you walk 15 feet up the hill. I know the people at the venues and have worked with them many times.
4. What makes your services unique? 
Two things… besides my knowledge and experience of a lifetime in photography. I am one of the only full time wedding photographers who shows their fine art photography in an art gallery. In fact, I am the gallery director for the Canmore Art Guild and have been a member most of my adult life. Doing the creative fine art aspect simply increases the creative flow. I spend my holidays travelling with a camera to France or Mexico or Tofino and every image that you create makes you a better photographer. And that is why my black and white images stand out.... I had a darkroom until 2014 and processed my own film. I understand film and that helps with the digital world.
The other unique aspect is that I have a degree in Psychology/Sociology and studied counselling at grad school. I also used to do massage therapy. So when the bride or her mother are having a little meltdown or Uncle Bob has had two many martinis, I am pretty good at defusing situations that can arise. And after doing hundreds of weddings, trust me, things can sometimes get a little sideways.
5. What advise do you have to future couples using your services? 
Book early; chat lots; give information about your family such as any divorces, recent deaths. I had one groom whose dog had died the week before the wedding - the same day my dog died. The bride was comforting her fiancé and photographer but we sure got to know each other well and fast. And the photographs reflected that connection. Do make a list of family shots you want and inform those people… time/place/importance of being there and on time. Don't be afraid to suggest creative ideas as you are as much a part of the creative team as the photographer. The photos should reflect who you are; not what some frustrated "artist" thinks you should be.
6. How do you help a couples wedding day go smoother?
I know the area; I have friends that own great restaurants; I know the issues with some of the venues; I have seen the challenges. Ask my advice. I am not a "wedding planner" just a local who has lived here for thirty years. Planners are great but simply asking the locals can make a huge difference. And I love being a part of the event. Helping my clients bridges that gap of strangers, and we are all more relaxed when it comes time for pictures. Also, unless you are a professional model, you might need a little guidance from the photographer. Few of us are comfortable in front of a camera so I help get my clients relaxed and comfortable and enjoying the experience. One of the really important ways I help my clients is that I am local. I live in this community and know it well. So often I hear of self-proclaimed pros from Calgary and outside of town asking the limo driver, the officiant, the harpist etc as to where they can go to take photos. They don't necessarily know the area. Also, if something happens to me or my gear, I have a whole community of professionals within 10 minutes who are good friends and we all take care of each other. Yet I have had a Calgary pro call from a church because his one camera had died, and could he borrow one? Hire a local true professional.
7. What is your favourite photo shoot location in Canmore or Kananaskis?
There are many and like some other pros, we tend to keep it close to our chest. I am always looking at the light and looking for new spots with a different angle. I will say that Silvertip Resort is a great place for wedding photographs, there is even a little patch of fireweed which in August in the evening light is spectacular. In the fall, I have a few favourite trees that always provide great backdrops.
8. Any other information you’d like potential clients to know:
Just because someone says they are a professional, it doesn't mean it is true. Look at the images on their website: if it looks like they have only done 2 or 3 weddings that is likely the truth. Don't settle for "Good Enough" but don't pay a fortune to someone with little experience but a nice manner. You are not looking for a new best friend. You are looking for a professional who will help you through your wedding day while helping you create the powerful, beautiful images that will be your memories. Bubbly personality and out of focus, crooked snapshots does not work. And enjoy your wedding day.
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