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Sunday, March 22, 2015

No wedding shots.... just cruising around the mountains

I love doing wedding photography and when it is quiet between weddings, what do I end up doing?
Making photographs.... I never liked the expression "taking shots".  It is all about a conscious decision to be open to whatever I see out there in this beautiful world.  Sometimes, it is going back to the same spot and seeing different light on the same subjects.

It is about living a creative life.... and loving every minute of it.  Here I was on the road to the Columbia Icefield and stopped to revisit a lovely spot I know.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A guy and a dress.....

At one wedding, I mentioned that I wanted to get some images of the bodice and accents on the wedding dress.... the bride said: "Bodice..... no guy knows that word!!!!"  Well, when you have
four sisters and you have been a professional photographer for 20 years, yes you can be a guy and know "bodice" and how important that dress is to the bride.  And as a man, I can appreciate how incredibly beautiful a woman is on her wedding day.  I have seen big men reduced to tears when they see that wild cowgirl with make-up, gorgeous hair and a dress that literally stops their hearts.
     Yet I have seen so many of the new gang of self-proclaimed "pros" posting wedding snapshots of a
stunning bride but her dress is a white blob with no detail.  She has spent huge amounts of time picking the perfect dress which has often cost the same as a good used car and the so-called pro has given them
an over-exposed image with no detail.  That is what is called a mistake, an error and what you often get with the latest trends in wedding photography.  My goal is to get classic, timeless beautiful images
along with lots of fun, creative and whimsical shots.  There is a difference.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Those quiet moments........

     Weddings can be so intense and crazy..... everyone wants to make your day so special and to show their love and caring.  And sometimes it can be a bit much.  So make sure you have a photographer who can foresee the family challenges, the feeling of being overwhelmed, little bits of fear and doubt and all the things that make us human.  I have a degree in psychology and counseling experience; granted it was in a prison setting when I was doing grad school placements but wow, I learned a lot and fast.  So weddings and crazy parents and over zealous MOBs are a piece of cake compared to Bubba.

     During this wedding, I took the couple to a quiet part of the hotel with some soft lighting and asked them to tell each other what the day meant for them...... quietly and just between themselves.  I have no idea what was said but the love and the heat was there.  They will do fantastically well as a couple. Of that, I have no doubt.

And I had the privilege to photograph their wedding.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Emotional Moments

Every wedding has at least one really powerful and emotional moment and as a professional photographer, it is my job to do my best to catch that moment.  One never hits 100% but at
this Canmore wedding, I wanted to get a shot of the father of the brides great cufflinks and just as I set up for this shot, the bride swept in for a big hug from Dad.  I have to tell you that sometimes it is hard
to focus and compose the shot when I am getting misty-eyed myself.  This lovely young bride was very blessed to have such strong love and support from a great father.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who needs a professional....

Alberta Blue Sky Day.......... we don't need your big Nikon camera.....
Ah yes, the fabulous "selfie".  I intend to make this part of every wedding and that way when they get the "real" photographs, they might know what the difference is.   Cell phones are great but only to a certain point.

Harp Angel and the Angel

   I often see my friend Deborah Nyack, aka The Harp Angel at weddings and events throughout the valley.  This time was special as the flower girl was the daughter of the bride and groom at a Silvertip wedding in Canmore.  Not yet two years old and so much a part of this special day....  charging down the aisle and then getting bored with all the adult talking.  Hey, what is that over there in the gazebo.... let's check it out.  That big beautiful harp and the pretty lady in the bright dress.... hmmm.  Hard to concentrate on the ceremony photos AND get some shots of the little angel.