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Friday, April 23, 2010

Boy, did I take a wrong turn........

Bonjour tout le monde.... it would seem that I took a wrong turn and ended up in the Canadian Rockies
where it snowed last night instead of Paris.   Part of the "fallout" of the Icelandic Volcano was I didn't get to fly to France for my holiday and flights were jammed for up to 2 weeks canceling any hope of re-booking.  So late September is looking good for another try.  On the positive side, I now get to go to Toronto for a week........I know, how can that possibly be positive compared to 4 weeks in France?
      Well, it is mother's 89th, my dear sister Pam's funeral and a chance to see family... and ultimately, we
all should know that family comes first.  Besides, everyone knows that Toronto is the centre of the universe, not Paris!
       But stay tuned as more adventures with Richard's Cameras continues......I will be posting some
fun wedding shots and landscapes that find me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

original painting.. american gothic


canadian rockies gothic

At Kate and Will's wedding last month, I was finally able to create a new version of "American Gothic"
by Grant Wood..... these newlyweds love the mountains and i wanted to incorporate that aspect of their
lives in this portrait.  So many couples rant about how they want the "candid - photojournalistic" look in
their weddings which is great but a planned, conceptualized shot involving props can be very powerful.
Please google "american gothic" to see the original... hope you all enjoy this image.  They are a fun, wonderful couple with great families and friends.... I wish you all the best climbing those mountains.