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Sunday, February 23, 2020

The long lost Richard..... with apologies.

Just a quick Tuesday night post..... after 3 and a half years.  I am alive and well and getting back into the writing thing. Still doing photography but that has changed as well. In early 2017 I got a little sidelined when my old dog Maverick became ill with degenerative mylinopathy which is a canine form of ALS. He was getting closer to 16 when he died a few months later. A tough time. A lot of energy caring for the old guy, carrying him up and down three stories and watching him decline. The old question: when do you pull the plug?  My choice, educated but painful.
The Miata sports car is gone; Maverick is gone; professional wedding photography for the most part is also gone.  Without going on a rant, there are a zillion kids with clicks...... the greater Calgary area has over 3,000 folks claiming to be pros according to one of the biggest camera stores.  Weekend warriors, mamarazzis and while there are a few truly excellent newcomers, the majority have little knowledge and less ability. But cute websites/facebook/instagram and saccharine sweet words alongside the few images (sometimes stolen).

All that aside, I still accept a limited number of smaller weddings for 2020. I am not looking for 12 hour events but rather 3 to 4 hour events. I want to give my clients great service, a great experience and a lot of excellent, high quality images which they can have printed at recommended providers.
Now for the disclaimer..... the wife of a fellow, older and experienced photographer said that I wouldn't likely get any work because... the horror.... I am a senior!!!! Yes, it is shockingly true! I even get a little pension from the federal government!  So if you want a professional wedding photographer with hundreds of wedding clients, the best gear and a fun, creative approach to personalize your wedding then contact me.   Darcie did and I think she is very happy with the images from that day.
But the really cool thing in my life is that for the past two winters, I have spent 4-5 months hanging out with my Mexican amigos in Puerto Vallarta.  Quiet little part of town and a lifestyle which is providing me with great food, exercise, a new language and new friends from a lovely country.
And i get to take photographs of my neighbours life events...... and then give them some 4x6 prints and the odd enlargement . Here is my friend from across the street.... Clemente is 92 years young and I have been welcomed by his 10 children, 41 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren. A truly wonderful and eye-opening experience.
So stay tuned..... there are stories to tell..... Saturday night at the Church, the annual fiesta at Los Llanitos up in the mountains of the Sierra Madre, little Diego who is my 6 year old Spanish instructor. Now I just have to remember how to post this thing.  Gracias Amigos.


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